Launched in January 2019 in the United States, PointsBet is an innovative sportsbook that prides itself on having the fastest and most user-friendly mobile application, while also offering the best experience and content for sports punters.

Continue reading our PointsBet Sportsbook Alabama review to discover what sets the online sportsbook apart from its competitions.

PointsBet Sportsbook is legal in Alabama, but only for wagering on horse racing. The operator has met the strict regulatory standards in the United States and obtained an operating license. This implies that the sportsbook is a safe and reliable sports gambling site for Alabama players.

It also means that the operator has met the gambling industry security standard. So you can rest assured that all your financial and personal information will be safe when using PointsBet in Alabama.

PointsBet bonuses and promotions in Alabama

Just like many other of the best sportsbooks in AL, PointsBet offers an extensive list of bonuses and promotional offers for players in the state. These range from sign-up bonuses to daily promotions. The most exciting thing is that the operator does not attach any wagering requirements to its bonuses and promotional offers.

On top of that, the betting site constantly updates its bonuses, making them even more attractive and generous. Always visit the PointsBet promotion page to check for new bonus offers and information on how to claim them. Below are the PointsBet bonuses and promotions usually offered to Alabama players:

Sign-up bonuses

A sign up bonus is usually available on PointsBet Sportsbook to welcome its new players. The operator sometimes splits its welcome bonus into two parts. A no deposit bonus and a matched bet bonus.

Parlay bonuses

As an Alabama parlay player, you can enjoy multiple offers. For example – any parlay with not less than four legs, the operator will give you a cashback of up to 25 dollars if one leg fails. Furthermore, the betting site has a special Booster feature, which lets you boost the final price on a 3 plus leg of your choice.

Referral bonuses

A referral bonus is how PointsBet Sportsbook gives you the opportunity to be part of its promotion team. As an existing customer, you send your unique referral link to your friends and family to join the sportsbook. Once anyone creates an account using your referral link and makes a deposit, they will receive a bonus or cash and so will you.

Reward programs

PointsBet is among the few operators that offer punters rewards. You will receive a reward for each real money you place with the sportsbook. These rewards are not dependent on game outcome, meaning that you’ll earn them irrespective of whether you win or lose. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can turn them into bonus bets.

Ongoing bonuses and promotional offers

In general, PointsBet usually has running promotional campaigns. Some of those promos include free bets on whatever football game or other sporting event is on that week. All PointsBet customers are eligible for this offer. As an Alabama bettor, you are entitled to all these bonuses and promotions.

PointsBet banking methods

Being among the highly-rated sportsbooks in Alabama, PointsBet offers a couple of reliable and fast payment solutions. However, the payment options that you’ll find in PointsBet are fewer than you will find in some other online sports betting sites.

You can fund your PointsBet account using PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, ACH eCheck, and PayNearMe. Also, you can use ACH, wire transfer or the PointsBet Prepaid Card to withdraw your winnings from the sportsbook.

How to deposit on PointsBet in Alabama

Funding your Alabama PointsBet sportsbook account is fast and uncomplicated. This is because the operator offers a wide range of secure payment methods. Below is the step-by-step instruction on how to make deposits on PointsBet Sportsbook Alabama:

1. Sign in to your PointsBet account
2. Click on “My Account”, and click on “Deposit Cash”
3. Choose a preferred payment method
4. Enter the amount that you want to deposit
5. Refresh the page to see if your deposited funds have been credited to your PointsBet account.

How to withdraw on PointsBet Alabama

Withdrawing your winnings from PointsBet is also easy. Once you are signed in, just do the following:

1. Click on the drop-down menu that you’ll find at the top right-hand side of your screen.
2. Next, click on the “Withdrawal” button and choose your preferred withdrawal method.
3. Then, enter the amount that you would love to withdraw.

The operator will demand that you provide your password once you fully complete the field and click on the terms and agreement box. Once you enter your password click submit, your withdrawal request has been sent.

The sportsbook processes withdrawal requests within one to two working days. Once PointsBet processes your withdrawal request, it’ll take one to three business days to hit your bank account.

You won’t get any email confirmation when you first make a withdrawal request. However, the operator will notify you via email that your cash is on its way to your bank account once your request is processed.

Also, keep in mind that the least amount that you can withdraw is $5. PointsBet actually has no maximum withdrawal limit. However, your chosen payment solution will determine the maximum amount that can cash.

Finally, PointsBet does not charge withdrawal processing fees. But your selected payment may charge. So ensure you research about it, before choosing a particular method/

What types of bets are available on PointsBet AL?

PointsBet AL offers its players different types of betting markets options. This implies that you can place different bets, such as Moneyline bets and spread bets. Below are a few of the gambling markets available at PointsBet sportsbook.

Moneyline bet

A moneyline bet is actually the most basic type of bet in sports betting. In simplest terms, a Moneyline bet is a stake on which team will win a match. There are no conditions and point spread. It is just a matter of will Team 1 or Team 2 win the game?

If you wager on the moneyline, it implies that the team bet on will win. Many sports gamblers choose this betting market when their favorite is playing against a smaller side. But the odds for this type of betting market is usually smaller compared to other betting types.

You will find Moneyline bets under the PointsBet fixed-odds tab on each qualified event page. To wager a moneyline bet, pick your event, select the team that you think will win, and place your bet.

Spread Bet

Unlike the moneyline bet, spread betting is not based on which team wins the game, rather it’s based on the number of points each team loses or wins by. In spread betting, you’ll come across a term like “cover the spread”. Below is how it works.

A favorite team covers the spread if they win by more points than was listed in the market. The underdog on the other hand, can cover a spread in two different ways. The first way is if they win the game. The second way is if they lose by fewer points than was listed on the market.

You can find spread betting odds in the left column on every eligible event. To stake on a spread bet, select your event, pick the team that you believe will cover the spread, place your bet, and wait for the outcome.

Over/ under

Over/ under is another popular bet on Alabama, and it’s available in PointsBet. A bet on over simply implies that you believe the two teams will combine to score more points, runs, or goals than the total listed. Under betting on the other hand, implies that you believe there will be fewer than the total listed. It is that simple.

You will find the total bet odds in the middle column of each qualified sport, such as basketball, football, baseball, and lots more. To stake on total bets, select your market and add to your betslip, place your bet and wait for the outcome.

Props or propositions bets

Proposition bets are bets on a game that is not directly tied to the actual result of the contest. There are props that involve the entire game, as well the performance of the participating teams. A lot of the well-known props revolve around the performance of individual players. Placing a prop bet is pretty simple. You just have to select your market, decide on your preferred, add your chosen prop bet to your betslip, place your bet, submit, and wait for the result.

Single or Straight bet

A single bet is yet another popular type of bet among Alabama sports bettors. A single bet is basically an individual bet based on the result of a game. This kind of bet can include moneyline, props, total (over/under), spread and more. A single bet is very easy to bet on, which makes it perfect for casual and new punters.

Parlays betting

A parlay bet is yet another available type of betting in PointsBet. It has to do with combining multiple wagers into one betslip. One awesome thing about parlay bets is that their odds are pretty high because of the multiplication factor of each game. However, it’s worth noting that all wagers on the parley must-win for all bets to be a winner.

Round robin bet

A round robin bet derives its name from the round robin tournament, where every team will play every other team in its group. The idea of round robin bet is the same. When you choose multiple games to wagger, the PointsBet sportsbook will give you the chance to create a series of parlays comprising your chosen games. The more you select, the more parlay you will create.

Fix odd bet

Fix odd bets are yet another type of betting that is popular among sports bettors. It involves wagering on an event that has no fluctuation on its payout. It is easy to understand. This means that an operator will offer odds on a particular result in a game. If the outcome happens, the bookmaker pays winnings of 10 times the bet.

Future bet

Future betting is a type of bet placed on an event such as which club will win the English Premier League or who will win the MVP. Longer-term outcomes and results usually at the end of a tournament or season decide these types of bets.

Teasers bet

A teaser bet is a type of bet that allows you to combine your bets on two different games. You can adjust the two matches. However, keep in mind that you get a lower return on the bets in the event of a win.

Pointsetting betting

Pointsetting betting means when you stake, your gain or loss on the event will be based on how many points your stake wins or loses by. If your stake wins by 2 points, you win double your wager amount. If your stakes win by 20 points, you win 20 times your stake.

What sports can I bet on PointsBet Sportsbook?

As an Alabama punter, there are a lot of sports that you can wager on PointsBet. The sportsbook covers popular sports like:

  • Football
  • Boxing
  • Handball
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • E-sports
  • Curling
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • and several others.

Furthermore, at PointsBet, players can bet on both minor and major events in every sport. If you are a fan of college games, like NBA, NCAAB, WNBA, you will be pleased to know that they’re all available for you to play.

How to place a bet on PointsBet Alabama

The operator makes placing bets on the site and mobile app very simple. You can do it in four simple steps.

1. Find the market and event that you wish to wager on. Immediately you click or tap on the market, you will see the betslip pop up on the screen.
2. Next, select the amount that you would like to wager and click on “Place Now”. After you have clicked on the “Place Now”, you will have to review all the details that you have entered. This is to ensure that all the information is accurate.
3. After reviewing the information, click on “Submit”. When you click on the submit button, wait for the system to confirm that your bet has been successfully placed. It’s that simple.

PointsBet app vs. PointsBet website

In PointsBet’s quest to provide players with the best gambling experience that is rare to find anywhere, they have both a mobile betting app and their official website.

This is to ensure that bettors get access to the sportsbook with ease wherever they are at any point in time. Both the mobile app and the website have what makes them stand out, that’s what we are about to explore.

PointsBet website

The gambling company’s website is as informative and easy to use as possible. Its interface is intuitive and the navigation is extremely convenient. The PointsBet market is extensively competitive, which highlights the need for constant improvement and development.

The sportsbook also constantly updates the website with fresh content. During this review, we found the website appealing with nothing to complain about. Just a few times we noticed that it took a bit of time to load.

PointsBet mobile app

PointsBet Alabama also have a mobile app. The lines and features of the mobile app are the same as on the official website. The difference between the two lies in the interface and design, which are adapted to the device’s screen.

You can download the PointsBet mobile application for your iOS and Android devices on the sportsbook’s official website, as well as in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

What makes PointsBet Alabama stand out from its competition?

So far, the advantages of PointsBet in Alabama that we can think of is far greater than the disadvantages. Below are the benefits Alabama stands to gain for having PointsBet in the state:

Exciting sports betting experience

PointsBet sportsbook is an innovative operator that is constantly working on providing its players with the best gambling experience. They try to achieve this through constant updates of their bonuses and promotional offers. This means that Alamaba players will always have the chance to increase their bankrolls through the rewards so they can play more.

Strong markets and events to bet on

With PointsBet, sports betting will certainly not be boring. They make available a wide range of markets and events for players to choose from. Plus, players will have the opportunity to wager on college matches.

Though other operators that may want to come into the Alabama sports betting industry may offer this option. But chances are they can’t do well like PointsBets. For example, PointsBet is among the few United States bookmakers that offer spread betting.

Increase in competition

Having a sportsbook that is up and doing around will have served as a checklist for others. Mind you, the higher the competition, the better the bonuses and promotional offers. Also, the higher the betting odds.

The reason many gambling sites are dishing out juicy and generous bonuses and odds is because of the level of competition in the industry. And we’ll certainly want to see the same in the Alabama sports betting industry.

PointsBet Alabama customer support

PointsBet Alabama has a well-trained and committed customer support team that is available 24 hours to respond and address players’ complaints. With the sportsbook mobile application, you can reach out the support team via Live Chat, the response time is almost instantaneous, and they are always happy to help.

In addition, you can also contact the support via email. The email with which you use to contact the support team is Email responses usually take 24 hours or fewer. Currently, there is no PointsBet Alabama phone number to call.


Can I bet on college sports on PointsBet in Alabama?

Yes, you can wager on many college sports, and the NBA, NCAAB, and WNBA. College sports, particularly college football, is very popular throughout the US and a huge part of the sports betting industry.

Can I deposit cryptocurrency to PointsBet Alabama?

No, at this moment PointsBet Alabama doesn't accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. As a matter of fact, they don't accept cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin or Ethereum in any of the states that they are operating in.

Is PointsBet Sportsbook in Alabama safe?

Yes, PointsBet in Alabama is totally safe. The operator is one of the household names in the US when it comes to sports betting, and is regulated and overseen by gambling authorities.