BetRivers Sportsbook in Alabama and across the United States is the go-to place for those looking to make a wager on sports. Offering bettors many games, bet types, and promotions it’s no wonder BetRivers Sportsbook is a top choice.

About BetRivers Sportsbook in Alabama

BetRivers was established in 2019, providing sports betting and online casinos to Alabama customers. Currently, gamblers can use the website on desktops and mobile browsers. The online mobile app is also available on Android and iPhone apps.

BetRivers sportsbook in Alabama stands out from the other betting sites because it has a special deal with the UFC, which offers the most options for betting in MMA. Additionally, gamers can live stream videos of select events and games.

Furthermore, when online sports betting in Alabama becomes legal, players must also meet the legal requirements; for instance, The legal age for BetRivers betting in Alabama is 18 years and above.

Players must note that all BetRivers winnings are subject to a taxable income. Players, therefore, pay a 2% tax on the first $500 of income. The tax increases to 4% for the next $2,500 of income and peaks at 5% for all taxable income over $3,000.

This complete guide will extensively explain how to deposit using the methods available, bets to play on, and popular games bettors can play on in Alabama. If you’re excited to know everything about Betrivers Alabama, then keep reading this guide till the end.

Is BetRivers the best sportsbook in Alabama?

BetRivers is one of the best online sportsbooks in Alabama and has had a great reputation ever since it started offering legal online sports betting. First, most players love it because it’s a secure and legitimate sportsbook. Besides being an excellent platform, players have a chance to bet on a wide range of games every day. The boosted odds available on the events they offer are very competitive.

Second, opening an account, depositing and withdrawing funds on BetRivers is a straightforward process. In addition, the sportsbook entices the customers with a lavish welcome bonus plus a wide array of exciting BetRivers promotions in Alabama, mostly for the existing customers.

Apart from that, the cash-out feature attracted a lot of customers. From their open wagers, they can cash out their bets even before the games have finished. It reduces further potential losses and increases a bankroll.

Third, the BetRivers platform is easy to navigate, providing an impressive user experience. For instance, the entire site is user-friendly. The mobile app experience is a crucial area of concern. Most sports fans prefer to play from the palms of their hands and therefore need a betting site with a user-friendly mobile app.

Last but not least, high-quality live betting and stream live features are available on BetRivers, making it one of the best AL sportsbooks. Customers can wager on in-play games and enjoy live streaming on several events.

Finally, BetRivers has a loyalty program where customers receive points. For example, you can earn a point on every $6 wagered on a straight bet. You can then redeem these points and get a reward like free spins, bets, or a profit boost.

What deposit methods does BetRivers Sportsbook have?

BetRivers offers a limited range of betting payment options. All deposits are free, and you can deposit a minimum of $10. However, the maximum funds to deposit depend on the method you use.

One important thing about depositing is pursuing the process while in any state. On the contrary, you must be located in Alabama to wager a bet. Outside the borders of AL, no player can place a bet.

BetRivers accepts deposits through online bank transfer, debit card, credit card, Visa, MasterCard, PayNearMe, and BetRivers Play+ card. Players can also make an in-person deposit near the casino cage.

In BetRivers, it may take up to 24 hours to process the payment request. Players must first initiate the process. BetRivers sportsbook cannot transfer funds from the account on its own. Generally, the payment solutions used are the quickest in the gambling industry.

A comparison between BetRivers and FanDuel

Players always check on the betting site full of choices and are 100% legal and safe. When you decide on a sportsbook worth your time, it will be a good idea to compare it with other competitors.

Here is our guide about the difference between BetRivers and FanDuel.

  • BetRivers promotions in Alabama are lavish. E.g., attractive rewards and loyalty programs. Through iRush Rewards, customers earn redeemable points that give them a chance to earn free bets together with other promotions. FanDuel does not have any program at the moment.
  • FanDuel does not have a betting promo code for unlocking a bonus; instead, it uses a link as a FanDuel sports promo code. On the other hand, BetRivers uses a promo code to claim a welcome bonus.
  • FanDuel has a fast and stable overall app performance enabling the customers to bet on the go. BetRivers, on the other hand, customers complain about their app suffering from glitches.
  • BetRivers does not offer 24/7 Live Chat customer support because the agents are only available from 6 am to 2 am.
  • FanDuel offers fantasy sports every day to its customers. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of payment options for clients to choose from. The most common methods used are PayPal and online banking. On the contrary, BetRivers stands out because of the special deal with UFC, which provides most gambling options in MMA. On top of that, it offers a narrow range of payment options. Gamers mostly make payments using online banking and BetRivers Play+ card methods.

What are the types of bets available on BetRivers Sportsbook in AL?

BetRivers Sportsbook in Alabama offers plenty of bets to its customers. It includes traditional fixed bets and in-play game betting. Players, therefore, have a lot of options to select the type of bet that has a higher chance of winning and increasing the bankroll.

You can certainly bet for real money in all the types of bets available in BetRivers Sportsbook in AL. The bet types available include:


A parley is a bet type where gamblers combine two or more bets to increase the payout. To win the payout, all the selections on your parley must win. On the other hand, if a single bet loses, the parlay bet also loses.

BetRivers offers bigger and bigger payouts when you add more games. But winnings get more unlikely and riskier with the more teams you add. The players in Alabama always try to bet on parlay money lines, point spread, over/under (totals), and player props.

It is very easy to make a parlay bet at BetRivers sportsbook. You navigate through the sports of your choice and select two or more games. On your bet slip on the right, click parlay. Finally, key in your stake amount and submit to complete the process.

Gamblers should note that when comparing a parlay bet and a single bet in terms of probability, a parlay bet isn’t much good.

Over/ under

In BetRivers sportsbook in Alabama, players can wager on the number of goals, points, or runs in a given sporting event. In other words, this bet type is called the total bet, where you correctly predict the combined score of both teams. You can only select between two lines, either under or over, and no other options.

Over/under starts with oddsmakers of the BetRivers sportsbook setting a line before the game. The players then can predict whether the combined points that both teams can score will be less or more than the set line.

Recently, BetRivers has the over/under betting option on a wide array of sports in Alabama. For example, Chicago Bulls and Miami games were set at 58.5 points. So, you’d pick OVER if you think the game’s final score for both teams will be 59 points and above. Again, you’d select the UNDER option if you feel the game will end with 58 points or less. In addition, players can use this option to wager on live games.

Spread bets

Spread betting is a common form of betting in Alabama, mostly for basketball and football fans. A spread is just a line where players can get even the odds between two unevenly matched teams.

When the bookmakers set a spread, they hope that they will get equal action on both sides of the game. A good example is the Lakers are -5 points, favorite team, against the Clippers. Here, the -5 points are the spread. The Lakers, in this case, have to win with at least 5 points for you to win if you want to wager the Lakers on the spread.

In contrast, if the Lakers win by two points or fewer, you would lose the bet because they did not hit the key number (3).

Prop bets

Prop bet is a proposition bet. This kind of bet is not directly tied to an event’s final results, score, or outcome. The point spread, Moneyline, and over/under are proposition bets. The prop bets include the player props, game props, and novelty props.

Player props cover all the statistics about a certain player. E.g., betting Kevin Durant’s assists, passing yards, or strikeouts. For popular and bigger games, the markets for; player props will be many.

Game props will cover hundreds of games with markets, including the longest touchdowns, the first team to score, or the team to reach 10 points first.
Exotic props pop up on huge events only. However, then don’t occur within a real game. The examples are the team tossing the coin and singing the National Anthem.

Most players in Alabama use the prop bet type of games such as football, baseball, hockey, and hockey.

Middle bets

For middle bets, bettors wager on both sides of the same bet at different lines. Here, a play can at least win on one of the sides. Most players are not familiar with this bet type because a middle will require you to place two different bets on one game. However, the bets should not be on one team also. It is a good way to go if you want to reduce the risks and increase your bankroll.


As the name suggests, it’s a bet type placed for an event that will happen soon. To wager on futures, the player selects the winner of the entire league, tournament, or competition. Mostly, this is an advance bet selection before the actual event occurs.

For instance, you might bet on the winner of the NBA finals a week before the actual event happening in the United States.

Futures are tough to predict; you don’t know how the particular team will perform. Before the actual event, the team’s players might suffer from injuries and sickness, and it might have a high risk of losing on the final match. Futures are seen as risky bets. However, these bets have attractive payouts.

Handicap bets

A handicap bet simply means giving a team a virtual lead even before the start of the game. First, BetRivers Sportsbook determines the team they feel is a favorite and is favored to win the game. Bookmakers then assign the team total points, goals or runs they think the team will win.

To bet on the handicap, you pick the sportsbook’s selection that you think is under or overstated. For example, in a match between LA Lakers and GS warriors, a sportsbook has posted a point spread of 7 points in favor of the Lakers. In summary, that implies that the sportsbook expects the Lakers to win with more than 7 points. If you want to bet on points spread on this game, then you have to decide if you think the sportsbook is high or low.

If you think the Lakers will win the game by at least seven points or more, you will bet on the LA Lakers. However, if you believe that the Warriors will win the game or lose by six points or fewer, then you’d wager on the GS Warriors. To win this bet type, you’ll have to select from one of the two options above correctly.

Most gamblers in Alabama love BetRivers because it offers various games to bet on. The most common teams to bet on in AL include:

  • Crimson Tide – Crimson Tide, an AL team that played its game in a sea of crimson mud and Alabama players’ white uniforms, were stained crimson. When the Alabama sports editor Hugh Roberts left the field, he described Alabama as Crimson Tide. Afterward, sportswriters popularized the name, it became famous and stuck ever since.
  • South Alabama Jaguars – South Alabama Jaguars is a football program representing the University of South Alabama. It was established in 2009 and played in the Football bowl subdivision of the NCAA.
  • UAB Blazer – UAB Blazer is a football team representing the University of Alabama at Birmingham. It takes part in American football and competes in Football Bowl subdivisions. Additionally, it also competes in NCAA and CUSA. Blazers have a new stadium, a protective stadium that they have been using since the 2021 season. The stadium has a capacity of over 47,000.
  • Birmingham Squadron – The Birmingham Squadron is an American professional basketball team in Birmingham, Alabama. The team started playing in 2019 as Erie BayHawks at Erie Insurance Arena. Currently, it’s playing in the NBA G League.
  • Jacksonville State – The Jacksonville State Gamecocks represent Jacksonville State University. The program is a member of the ASUN Conference and competes at the NCAA Division 1. The level includes the Football Championship subdivision.
  • Samford Bulldogs – The Samford Bulldogs team play in NCAA Division 1 athletics and represent Samford University. It has 8 men’s and 9 women’s varsity teams. The first appearance in the NCAA Tournament for the men’s teams happened in 1999 and 2000. On the other hand, the women’s basketball team had their NCAA Tournament debut in 2011. Again, the baseball team made its first NCAA Tournament appearance in 1012 and made it to the finals of the Tallahassee Regional. For the first time in history, the female Bulldogs won the Regular Season Championship and the Tournament Championship. It capped off the record high of 40 wins on the season.

Pros and cons of BetRivers Sportsbook in AL

Before choosing the best online gambling site in AL, you must view the pros and cons associated with each of the sportsbooks in AL. Below is our guide on the BetRivers’ pros and cons.


  • Excellent desktop site with a good design and the user interface.
  • BetRivers offers live betting to the customers who are wagering on in-play games.
  • Appealing deposit matches welcome bonuses and promotions.
  • Quick and reliable payouts are always settled instantly.
  • BetRivers also has a huge coverage and selection of Betting Markets.
  • Great Rewards Programs such as iRush Loyalty Program.
  • Players in Alabama can also stream live in-play games, providing full coverage of most sports.


  • BetRivers offers a narrow range of payment options, limiting customers when depositing and withdrawing funds.
  • The mobile app has suffered from temporary malfunction; this makes the players miss out on some bet they plan to play on.
  • The Live Chat customer service is not available 24/7. Customers will require assistance at any moment round-the-clock.

How to contact BetRivers Sportsbook in Alabama

Most gamblers may experience glitches when making payments, playing on both fixed matches and in-play games. Good customer support should be available round-the-clock. The absence of a customer service support team will be a frustrating encounter.

Even though BetRivers do not offer 24/7 customer support, it has well-trained, very friendly, and polite agents with product knowledge. Customers, therefore, enjoy the strong Live Chat Support between 9:30 am, and 2 am.

Further, BetRivers also has email support available for less urgent issues. Here, customers get answers right from their queries. Again, besides the FAQs section, BetRivers has several clickable menus for more information. They include:

  • Terms of service
  • Help Center
  • Sports betting info
  • Privacy policy
  • Player protection
  • Get Started
  • Rewards
  • Responsible gaming.

Can I bet on horses in Alabama on BetRivers Sportsbook?

Yes, you can bet on horse racing in Alabama as it’s legal in the state to do so. Currently, there are no tracks that offer live racing, but players have an opportunity to wager on out-of-state horse racing.

Wagering on horse races is a straightforward process. However, it would be best to get acquainted with the sport and its terminologies. The races can be classified in date and time, live or upcoming, tournament, or even location. You should click on the full schedule to explore the events worldwide.

Any wager must have horse race betting tools that can help them increase their winnings. The tools include speed figures, race track’s site, and trusted stats websites. Additionally, the types of horse racing wagers in Alabama are vertical (single-race wagers) and horizontal (multiple-race wagers)

In addition, simulcast gambling and historical horse racing are legal in AL and act like slot machines. Gamblers can access sites like TwiSpires, BetAmerica, and TVG to bet on horses online.

BetRivers betting app in Alabama

The BetRivers betting app in Alabama is easy to use. Besides being responsive, the new user unfamiliar with betting won’t have difficulties navigating through it using their smartphone.

Also, the app works well and supports all major elements of the desktop site. All straightforward processes are registering, depositing funds, claiming a bonus, placing in-play wagers, live-streaming, and withdrawing funds.

After launching the app, it is now available on Android and iOS devices. Betting on the go and live-streaming feature is all that customers love about the BetRivers app.

Downloading the app is speedy. Setting up a BetRivers sportsbook account is also easy from your mobile. The app is very excellent!

The website and the app are all the same. It is in terms of the basic layout, availability, themes, and uniformity. When you use the app and the website, you’ll realize that the features, including payment options, streaming, and claiming bonuses are similar.

We can’t also forget about the live betting and cash-out features. There is no difference when using either the app or the website. On the contrary, the BetRivers app suffers from glitches. Therefore, most players opt to use the website to avoid app malfunctions when gambling.


Can I bet on women's basketball in Alabama on BetRivers Sportsbook?

Yes, you can bet on women's basketball in Alabama.The Alabama Crimson Tide is a women's basketball team that competes in the NCAA and a popular choice for bettors on the platform.

Will my favorite team in Alabama be on BetRivers Sportsbook?

Yes, it’s most likely you will find your favorite team on BetRivers Sportsbook. They offer a wide range of game options in excellent detail to bet. Not only can you play on fixed matches, but also on in-play games. You can quickly use the search option available on both the app and website to get your favorite team. Then, you will be able to access many markets on the team. You can also decide to place the parlay, over/under, spreads, player props, or middle bets.

Is BetRivers Sportsbook more popular than DraftKings in Alabama?

It depends on personal choice, however, based on the ratings, DraftKings has 4.7 out of 5, whereas BetRivers has 4.5 out of 5. DraftKings' higher rating is the largest fantasy gambling platform. It’s worth signing up for both and making your own decision on what you prefer.

Where can I find promo codes for BetRivers in Alabama?

To get the BetRivers promo code in Alabama, you must open a BetRivers sportsbook account and make your first deposit. Before you complete the process, you must give sensitive personal information. You shouldn't worry about the security of your details. BetRivers has encryption technology to protect all your transactions. After depositing, you'll be prompted to enter a unique code. Simply enter the code and complete the deposit process. After that, you will receive a promo code. You can now use the promo code to claim your 100% deposit match bonus. Note that this offer comes with a 1x rollover requirement. If you fail to meet the requirement, you will lose the bonus.