We have everything you need to know about sports betting sign-up bonuses in Alabama. The Cotton State has some exciting offers for new bettors to help them get started with online betting.

There are a number of bonuses available to new registrations. Below, we break down what a sign-up bonus is, how to claim yours and how best to take advantage of the offers available.

Sign-up bonuses in Alabama explained

A sign up bonus is an offer that sports books offer to new registrations to their websites. These bonuses come in many forms, and each has terms and conditions attached to them. They range from free bets that do not require a deposit, to cashback offers for losses made on the first bet.

Your ability to withdraw any winnings from these bonus offers also come with terms and conditions, as some betting sites may have a limit on how much cash winnings you can withdraw. These conditions help the sports books avoid bonus abuse and to stay profitable, since they are business, after all.

How to claim a sign up bonus in Alabama

There are a few ways to get a sign up bonus at Alabama sports betting sites. These methods range from creating a new account to using a bonus code after registration. Below are the most common ways to claim Alabama sports betting bonuses as a first time registration

1. Sign up for a betting site that offers a sign up bonus

In order to get a sign up bonus in Alabama, you need to register with a licensed sports book. Most of the time, the registration process is quick and only takes a few minutes. A username and email will be required. Sometimes, you may need to add your phone number as well.

You will be redirected to check your email in order to verify the registration and to verify that you own the email address you used. Once this is done, you will either have immediate access to the sign up bonus, or you may be required to complete an additional action such as placing a deposit first or entering a promo code.

2. Enter promo code or click a promo link

Another common way to get your sign up bonus is through the use of a promo code or a promo link. The code is usually in the form of a unique combination of numbers and letters, while the link can be accessed via an emailed link or found on this page.

When you sign up to a new betting website, or as you add your first deposit, you may be asked to add a promo code to claim. Once accepted, the code will trigger a sign up bonus that will be credited into your account.

After you complete one or both of the above steps, you can start taking advantage of your bonus and place some bets.

Pros and cons of a sign up bonus

Like all things in life, the good comes with some bad. A sign-up bonus, while a great way to get new bettors to try out a new website, also has some disadvantages for both the bettor and the sports book website. Let’s explore the pros and cons of the sign-up bonus Alabama online sports betting lovers need to keep in mind.


  • You get free money to bet on a new site. This allows you to test out its features and get a general feel of the user experience before you commit with real money deposits.
  • You have the opportunity to experiment with betting on new sports or implement new betting techniques without risking your own money.
  • If you are not very lucky with your first bet, you can get a portion of your lossed back through bonuses such as cashback offers.


  • There are very strict terms and conditions for claiming the bonuses and these need to be read carefully in order to avoid disappointments.
  • Some bonuses force you to bet on a certain sport or tournament, limiting your options.
  • Sometimes, your winnings on a bonus can not be withdrawn, or the withdrawal is limited to a certain amount.

Terms and conditions of a sign-up bonus in AL

When it comes to the terms and conditions of sign up bonuses that Alabama bettors need to be aware of, there are a number of things to consider. Firstly, while terms and conditions might generally be the same across multiple sports books, it is still very important to read and understand each bettings site’s version.

This is because there may be clauses such as a limited time for the offer, or an additional step you need to take in order to be able to claim, use and even withdraw winnings from the bonus offer.

It is strongly encouraged to take the time to read the fine print, in order to avoid disappointment if you are unable to claim your welcome bonus.

Type of sign up bonuses on betting sites in Alabama

One of the most exciting things about Alabama sportsbooks sign-up bonuses is that there are a number of different types out there. They range from the popular free bet to more unique offers such as a “refer a friend” program.

Each one has been designed to basically attract new players, and hopefully get them to come back again as regular players. Let us break down the most popular sign up bonus in Alabama below.

Matched bet bonus

Matched betting is a form of offer where sports books basically offer you the equivalent of the amount you deposit and bet. For example, they may say “bet $20 dollars, and we will give you a $20 free bet”. It has an advantage for both the bettor and the betting site. The bettor gets “free money” for a bet, while the sports book ensures that they get a deposit from the new registration.

No deposit bonus

A no deposit bonus is the kind of sign up bonus Alabama residents love. In order to enjoy this offer, you do not need to make a deposit first before you can claim the bonus offer. For first time registrations to a new betting site, this is a very appealing offer as there is no risk on their end.

The bonus can be in the form of cash credited into your account and can be used on any sports game on the website. A no deposit sign up bonus is a convenient way to test a new sport without risking your own money.


Refer-a-friend bonus is a great welcome bonus for sports bettors because it benefits the new registrations, as well as the person who referred them. A refer-a-friend sign up bonus usually involves a regular bettor to a website receiving a referral link or unique personal code that, when used by a new sign up, triggers a bonus.

The bonus usually benefits both parties and can be in the form of a free bet or risk-free bet.


If you place a bet but lose some money, a cashback bonus can help you get back your losses. However, most sports books will put a limit on the amount of cashback you can get on your losses.

Free bet

A free bet bonus is, as the name suggests, a bet you get from the sports book just for signing up with them. There may be terms and conditions attached to this bonus offer, so it is important to take note of any additional steps you may need to take in order to claim the free bet.

Risk free

If you lose a bet you placed using a risk-free bet, you will get your money back. This compensation usually comes in the form of credit on your account, as cashback or as more free bets.

Sign up bonus vs no deposit bonus comparison

While both sign up bonuses and no deposit bonuses are attractive, they have a few differences. The main difference is that a no deposit bonus does not require you to make a deposit in order to claim the bonus. A sign up bonus, on the other hand, may require you to make a deposit and or place bets with your own money in order to claim it.


Can I get another sign up bonus if I sign up with another name to an AL betting site?

No, creating multiple accounts in order to get sign up bonuses is called “bonus abuse”. This type of dishonest activity is strongly discouraged and can lead to you getting blacklisted by online sportsbooks in Alabama.

What’s the best type of sign up bonus I can get on an AL betting site?

Free bets, no deposit bonuses and other types of risk-free bets are some of the best types of sign up bonuses you can get on Alabama betting sites. This is because you do not risk your own money if you lose on the bet.