Free bets are simply bet credits that you receive from Alabama sports betting sites as rewards for certain activities. Free bets in Alabama generally come in the form of welcome bonuses, promo codes, and other features.

A free bet is generally awarded in the form of an amount of money that you can use for betting. It is either non-withdrawable or attached to wagering requirements. You can think of a free bet as an opportunity to place a bet without risk and receive your winnings on the bet if it wins. The difference between a free bet and a normal bet is that you do not contribute the amount yourself.

Therefore, if the bet wins, the stake will not be repaid to you together with your winnings. There are numerous ways to qualify for free bet promos in Alabama, which we will explain all about below.

How do I claim a free bet in Alabama?

There are several methods for obtaining free bets from Alabama betting sites. The most popular way to obtain them is as part of a welcome bonus intended to entice new users to sign up.

Many betting sites provide promotions such as free bets to new customers. With dozens of different online sports betting sites available in Alabama, these special promotions are one of the primary ways that operators attract users.

Typically, players must make a deposit in order to qualify for the free bet. A minimum deposit is frequently required, and a qualifying bet may also be required.

If a qualifying bet is required to receive free bets in Alabama, it will normally come with its own set of terms and restrictions. Among these will be whether the qualifying bet must be placed at a specific minimum (odds) to qualify for the free bet.

While it may appear difficult, operators of Alabama sports betting sites must implement these safeguards to protect themselves. Many customers attempt to take advantage of free bets on as many different betting sites as possible, which necessitates the employment of terms and conditions.

Customers could simply put a wager at a very short price that was nearly guaranteed to come in, then use their free bet, withdraw any winnings, and move on to the next welcome incentive that was available in the industry.

Different free bets are available on betting sites in AL

Alabama is teeming with sports betting apps that provide various forms of free bets. Free bets may be incredibly exciting and are sometimes the primary reason we join betting sites.

However, they can be difficult to understand at times, particularly for beginners. Let’s clear up some misunderstandings by outlining the differences between the different kind of free bets available:

Risk-free bet

A risk-free bet bonus is one of the most popular free bet offers on Alabama betting sites. You must be extremely cautious when it comes to terms and conditions. Every betting site is unique, and some define the word “risk-free” differently than others. You won’t come across a truly risk-free bet very often, but they do exist.

Qualifying free bet

A qualifying free bet is a wager placed at a betting site in exchange for something, such as a free bet or bonus. A betting site, for example, may offer you a $10 free bet if you first wager $10 of your own money.

Money-back offers, on the other hand, necessitate qualifying bets, in which the betting site will repay your deposit if your bet loses and a specific trigger occurs.

A betting site, for example, may offer to return your bet stake if your horse finishes second. This is one of the best free bet offers available on Alabama sports betting sites, and we strongly advise you to take advantage of it.

Stake not returned

A stake not returned is a wager that when you place a conventional bet at a betting site, you will receive your earnings plus your stake back if it wins. In most cases, betting sites will show you the predicted returns to the bet slip, which will include your stake.

If you win a free stake not returned bet, you will only receive the profits and not the free bet stake. Consider the following example: A $10 bet placed as a stake not returned at 2-1 would return $20 (2x $10 stake). A standard $10 bet at 2-1 would return $30 (2x $10 bet plus $10 original bet).

Stake not returned free bets from betting sites are a very common bonus awarded by betting sites in Alabama. For guaranteed profit for matched betting purposes, they are easy to extract.

Bet refunds

A bet refund allows you to only receive a free stake not a returned bet if your first bet fails. If your qualifying wager is successful, you will not be eligible for the free bet. In most cases, the stake not returned bet will equal the stake of your qualifying bet.

It’s similar to a betting site that provides you with two opportunities to win. When used for matched betting, they function similarly to free stake not returned bet welcome offers, with the difference that you must do a slightly different calculation for the qualifying bet.

Most sports betting fans in Alabama prefer this free bet because it only provides you with a free stake not a returned bet if your first bet loses.

No deposit bonus

Most Alabama betting sites offer a free wager if you sign up with them. Some, on the other hand, offer you a no deposit bonus. A no deposit bonus is preferable to a free bet on sign-up because there are usually a lot more terms and conditions attached.

Typically, a deposit incentive can be used in any market. Prior to the popularity of matched betting, betting sites would offer the no deposit bonus as cash with the restriction that you couldn’t withdraw it.

Nowadays, it’s usually in the form of a stake not returned bet credit, but there are Alabama betting sites that offer you a bonus just for signing up.

Event bonuses

Event bonuses are available at several sportsbooks in Alabama. The bonuses are normally only available to existing account holders. It all depends on something happening during a sporting event for the promotion to take effect.

Consider Betfred’s Double Delight and Hat-trick Heaven promotions; if a player scores first and again, the odds are doubled. If he scores first and gets a hat-trick, the odds are tripled. This is an excellent offer for existing account users because you can win large without having to go through any sign-up offer qualifying hoops.

Terms & conditions on free bets in AL

A free bet can only be used to place bets and cannot be transferred, swapped, or exchanged for cash. Any free bet balance that is available cannot be withdrawn. The betting site specifies the minimum free bet that can be wagered.

The free bet is valid for a maximum amount of days, usually 7 from the day it was credited to your account. If your free bet is not used within 7 days, it will expire and be withdrawn from your account (unless specified otherwise in specific promotional terms).

Any free bet balance must be used as a single bet in its entirety. This single bet can involve either a single selection or numerous selections. If you use your free bet on a choice that is later cancelled, the standard free bet wagered amount will be restored to your free bet account.

The free bet is non-refundable, and the amount wagered on the free bet is not included in any winnings. Only your winnings will be deposited into your bank account.

Free bet vs deposit match bonus

Now that you understand what free bets are and the many types of free bets available on Alabama online gambling sites, let’s explain the matched deposit bonus. Later on, you should be able to distinguish between a free bet and a deposit match bonus.

A deposit match bonus is a monetary benefit given to betting players when they make a deposit into their betting account. The betting site makes an offer to players that practically matches whatever amount they deposit — up to a specified percentage.

The purpose of a match deposit is to mirror the amount you deposit into your betting account. You can use the bonus to place real-money bets. Typically, your deposit will be matched in full or in part.

Deposit match bonuses come in a variety of forms. First-time deposit casino bonuses are typically offered as a sign-up bonus to entice new players, whilst loyal players benefit from recurring, targeted match deposit bonuses.

In comparison to the match deposit bonus, the free bet is the most desired bonus. This is attributable to the fact that it allows players to sign up and begin playing without investing any money.


Will I have to deposit to get a free bet on an Alabama betting site?

Yes, in most cases you will need to make a deposit in order to receive your free bet. With that said, there are some certain occasions when AL sportsbooks will offer new users free bets without making a deposits, but it's quite rare.

Do all sportsbooks in Alabama offer free bets?

Most sportsbooks in Alabama offer a free bet to some degree or other. The state of Alabama is filled many sports betting sites, and most want to compete with their rivals by offering free bets to attract players.

Can I just withdraw the cash instead of using the free bet?

No, according to the terms and conditions of sports betting sites you cannot withdraw your free bet. You must first wager your free bet and you'll be able to withdraw your profits after meeting the wagering requirements.