The entrance of several betting operators in Alabama has seen an influx in the market, leading to high competition. Every Alabama sportsbook has different ways of attracting bettors and one of the most common ones are betting bonuses.

Several betting sites in Alabama offer various bonuses and offers to their new and existing customers regularly. The goal of the rewards is to maintain clients and recruit more into their betting sites. This page will discuss the best betting bonuses in Alabama and where you can find them.

Betting bonuses & promotions explained

A betting bonus is an incentive offered by betting sites to their customers to attract new clients and maintain the existing ones. The incentives could come in terms of free bets, no deposit bonuses and matched funds on deposits made.

Most shoppers are easily attracted by the enticing rebates and promotions offered in stores. In the same way, online sportsbooks in Alabama provide betting bonuses to their customers in order to have them sign up for as a new customer.

What types of sportsbook bonuses are available in Alabama?

There are many types of betting bonuses in Alabama today. However, the quality and frequency of these bonuses depends on your choice of betting site.

Also, your registration status on the betting site could determine the type of bonus you get. For instance, a new customer is eligible for a sign-up bonus while an existing customer who has already deposited might get a reload bonus.

Below are some of the common types of betting bonuses available in Alabama:

Free bets

Free bets are among the best betting bonuses in Alabama sportsbooks. Basically, most bookmarkers award free bets to customers who more frequently participate in sports betting events.

In general, free bets tend to fall in line with extensive and famous events that betting sites want to promote. The free bet market is comprehensive and could include other offers like money-back guarantees and refund offers, which work similarly.

For instance, if you wager money on a specific goal scorer in a match and none of the team scores, your stake will be refunded. This is similar to a free bet, as you will not spend any penny at the end of it.

Deposit match bonus

Have you ever deposited money in your betting account and received an extra amount on the intended deposit amount? That was a deposit match bonus. Nearly all the Alabama online sports betting sites offers this kind of bonus.

A matching deposit bonus is among the best betting bonuses in Alabama. The sportsbook bonus Alabama matches your first deposit up to a certain percentage of your initial deposit. Generally, the percentage match ranges anywhere between 10% and 200%.

For instance, a deposit match bonus promotion could be offering a 100% matching deposit. Thus, if you deposit $100, the sportsbook doubles the amount. However, strict roll-over requirements could be attached to the offer. First, you must read and understand the terms and conditions.

Cashback bonus

Cashback is another common betting bonus Alabama sportsbooks offer their clients from time to time. The bonus is usually given when a big popular match is played and has the attention of many people like a derby.

With cashback, gamblers place a risk-free bet on their favorite match. If your chance fails and the stake is lost, the sportsbook gives it back. However, the cashback is offered in terms of a free bet but not real money.

The cashback bonus can be used to wager on any event available in the market. However, some sportsbooks may have restrictions on the bonus. You should read the bonus usage rules available on the sportsbook bonus Alabama promotions page.

No risk bonus (risk-free bet)

The most common betting bonuses Alabama betting sites offer are no-risk bonuses. A no-risk bonus comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on your bookmarker. The no-risk bonus offers are usually available as risk-free bets.

When you lose your first bet, your bookmarker awards you the total stake back in the form of site credits. However, if you win the first bet, the no-risk bonus offer does not apply to you.

Price Boost

Regular betting bonuses Alabama sportsbooks offer include odds boosts, and a these boosts maximizes the amount of money you win in a bet. Basically, odds boosts are provided to both new and existing players.

The bonus can be offered in select matches, daily or even monthly. However, you should be keen to boost your wager before placing the bet.

Sports betting sites in Alabama with the best bonuses

If you are looking for the best betting bonuses in Alabama, several sites can give you exclusive offers. There is always something for everyone, ranging from price boosts, no deposit offers, risk-free bets to cashback bonuses. Below are the best betting bonus Alabama sites available for you:

DraftKings Sportsbook Alabama

DraftKings is an excellent site in Alabama with a massive following. The bookmarker offers incredible betting odds and the best betting bonuses in Alabama.

Markets available on this bookmarker include sports, politics, and entertainment. Further, the sportsbook’s website interface is straightforward. This makes it easy for anyone to navigate the sports market offers quickly. DraftKings offers various welcome and sign-up bonuses to its customers. They have many rebates, free bets, and sporting bonuses available for existing players.

BetRivers Sportsbook Alabama

BetRivers boasts vast popularity in Alabama, thanks to its reputability. The bookmarker offers its customers great odds and all-time customer support. Besides, the sportsbook’s app enables players to bet on games at the convenience of their homes. The bookmarker has the best betting bonus Alabama casinos could offer in terms of incentives.

PointsBet Sportsbook Alabama

PointsBet stands out, thanks to its excellent betting bonus Alabama bonuses it offers. Interestingly, it is even better to use crypto as your payment means. The first crypto deposit you make usually comes with a bonus.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting offers in Alabama

Betting bonuses have various benefits. However, there are some shortcomings that we can’t overlook. Below are some of the pros and cons of claiming a sportsbook bonus in Alabama:


  • Boosts your bankroll: The best betting bonuses in Alabama are a good way of boosting your bank role to maximize your winnings, especially if you are a novice gambler. However, a certain level of due diligence ought to be exercised with the bonuses.
  • Saves you money: Alabama bonuses help you save money. For instance, if you lose your first bet, you will be awarded a risk-free bonus to wager on other sporting events without making another deposit.


  • Leads to impulse betting: However good betting bonuses are, their chase could lead to impulse betting. For instance, a sportsbook may require you to spend over $100 to get a particular bonus. In the pursuit of the bonus, you may end up spending beyond your budget.
  • Absurd roll-over requirements: Most sportsbooks in Alabama have reasonable terms for their bonuses. However, other bookmakers have extremely absurd roll-over requirements that make their bonuses not worth the bargain.


Do I always receive a betting bonus on sportsbooks in AL?

No, betting bonuses are not a guarantee in every single sportsbook in Alabama. However, nearly all the operators have at least one form of sign-up bonus. Either you will be able to pick your bonus through the use of a betting promo code, or the betting site will automatically give you one when you register.

What’s the catch with a betting bonus in Alabama?

The catch with betting bonuses is that you usually need to make a deposit of some sort. If you do win, you need to meet the betting site’s wagering requirements before you can withdraw anything.

Can I receive cash instead of a betting bonus?

No, it is impossible to receive cash money in bonuses. Instead, the sportsbook awards you a site bonus that you can roll over to convert to real money. You may need to meet the wagering requirements before doing so. This can be something like a multiple of your bonus must be bet on.