Alabama sportsbooks players can benefit from prepaid card betting sites. The sportsbooks in AL offer varying banking methods, and you can find the best betting sites offer prepaid cards as an option. Players choose prepaid cards due to the ease of use and secure way to deposit funds on an online sportsbook in AL.

We will give you a complete guide in this article about prepaid card betting sites in Alabama.

What is a prepaid card?

A prepaid card, stored-value card, or prepaid debit card, is a card a player can use to make payments to their sportsbook account. When buying this card, either online or at many stores, you might find some already loaded with money; you only spent up that money playing.

Many prepaid cards come with the Visa or MasterCard logo, resembling credit cards.

How can I use a prepaid card on a sportsbook in Alabama?

To use a prepaid card on when online sports betting in Alabama, follow the simple procedure below:

1. Top up your prepaid card

Topping up is simple and you can do so in a lot of ways. Note that a player can only use the money available in the prepaid card, so it’s always helpful to know how you can add funds to it.

Here are a few ways to add funds to a prepaid debit card:

  • Players can load money onto their prepaid debit card by logging onto the website of the card issuer. After logging in, they can transfer money to their sportsbooks accounts. Many prepaid debit card issuers have their card users download their mobile app to use more effectively.
  • Loading cash onto a prepaid card is a good option used by many players. You can load the card in various ways, and it is much safer than carrying the cash around. For instance, taking cash to a certified retailer who loads the cash into your card. If the card issuers link the card to a bank, you can also load cash to your card at any of their branches.
  • Some ATMs that are affiliated with your card issuer can load cash as well as facilitate withdrawal of funds in your debit card.

3. Sign up for a sportsbook that accepts prepaid cards as a payment method

After loading the cash into your card, sign up for a sportsbook that agrees with the type of prepaid card you’re using as a payment method. When signing up, always choose the sportsbook to incur less cost by depositing the cash.

4. Deposit with your prepaid card

You already have funds in your account. The next step is transferring the funds from your debit card to your sportsbook account. The money you deposit will depend on the amount of money you wish to play with.

5. Start betting

Lastly, you can now start playing your favorite sports in Alabama as many times as you can, depending on the funds you still have in your betting account.

What are the pros and cons of a prepaid card on an Alabama sportsbook?

Prepaid cards has its pros and cons. Read more about the most important ones below:


  • Most players now understand how to use a prepaid card. Adding funds, making payments, checking balances is very easy giving, the users an excellent experience. In addition, prepaid cardholders can quickly and safely make purchases in all the places that accept the cards, such as websites.
  • Widely accepted on most betting sites. They are very convenient when making payments, make budgeting easier, and make a smoother process since there are no credit lines, and you don’t need to worry about debts. Additionally, prepaid cards are the most secure payment method.


  • Spending amount is capped. Therefore, you must always top up each time you have insufficient funds each time you want to make payments via the prepaid card.

What are the types of prepaid cards?

After conducting a study on prepaid card betting sites in Alabama, It is also a good idea to understand the types of prepaid cards available. The include:

Prepaid gift card

Prepaid gift cards comes in physical form and has set values, limits, and expiration dates. MasterCard and Visa are the companies that allow gift cards through authorized online retailers and stores.

Some gift cards are limited for a specific reason. For instance, if you buy a gift card from a utensils store, it will most likely be used there. However, if you buy the card powered by MasterCard or Visa, you are likely to use it wherever the same companies accept debit and credit cards.

Gift cards do expire after a set period and cannot be reloaded. Also, it can pass once you use all the balance it has. Fees start applying after 6 -12 months. However, once the balance reaches zero, the card issuers close it.

A gift card has some sort of discount you will get on it for a given brand or retailer. So, when you are looking for a prepaid card, make sure that the one you are purchasing can be used to deposit funds into a sportsbook account.

Virtual prepaid card

Virtual prepaid cards are not physical, mainly meant for online payment, and guarantee a high level of security since they cannot be stolen or lost. Players can use it to make deposits at an online sportsbook.

However, getting a virtual prepaid card is not as easy as acquiring a physical one. You need to create an account with the online banking companies that offer this option. Correcting personal information is crucial to authenticate the card, which may take quite some time.

Despite all that, virtual prepaid cards will still be a superb payment solution for online sports gamblers. In addition, virtual prepaid cards have lower fees and single transaction limits.

Voucher prepaid card

Voucher prepaid cards come on a slip of paper; it might be a receipt with all the information you need to make payment. It is not linked to any personal information. Some companies offer the possibility of transferring the funds you have left on your old prepaid card to your next one.

This allows you to fully control your finances, helping you not to lose any money.

Reloadable prepaid card

It is the best prepaid card for the regular punter in depositing funds consistently. The reason being you do not have to get a new card every single time you wish to deposit some funds into your sportsbook account.

Reloading of the prepaid card depends on the issuer of the card. Sometimes you will be required to visit the store you bought your card from and pay in cash. You may also pay with your credit or debit card or even use a check.

Players can also transfer funds directly from a card or bank account into their prepaid card.

Can I withdraw my winnings using a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards can in some cases be used to make withdrawals from an online sportsbook in Alabama. But, your prepaid card must be linked with online banking account for it to work.

For prepaid cards that do not allow withdrawals, you will have to use an alternative method instead. If you want your winnings very quickly, it is sometimes better to use another withdrawal option instead.


Are there any fees when using a prepaid card on a betting site in AL?

No, most betting sites process prepaid card deposits for free, however, some cards have an activation fee at the point of purchase.

Do I need to be 18 to get a prepaid card?

Yes, If you are under the age of 18 you are not able to purchase a prepaid card. Companies who sell prepaid cards, always have an age limit which is usually 18 years old. Retail stores that don’t sell any adult related products may allow people under the age of 18 to buy cards for their store.

Are there any bonuses for depositing with prepaid cards on Alabama sportsbooks?

Yes, many sportsbooks provide betting bonuses, gifts, and surprise offers when using a prepaid card. It’s always worth checking on the online sportsbooks terms and condition page to see if their bonuses are also eligible when depositing with a prepaid card.