One of the most used methods for transactions at betting sites in Alabama is Play+. With this banking method, you will never have to share your credit card details if you are worried about your financial safety.

At betting sites in Alabama that accept Play+, you can make any deposit or withdrawal using a single Play+ prepaid card.

What is Play+?

PlayPlus is a convenient and cost-effective way to fund your sports betting account. It removes the weight on your shoulders of worrying about the safety of your money, and also from making plenty of trips to the bank.

Moreover, with PlayPlus you don’t need to pay any high ATM fees. Using PlayPlus, you can deposit and withdraw money without having to worry about your privacy and convenience. It is scam-free and safe to use.

This third-party payment service lets users withdraw and deposit money using a card. Besides, they can also transfer funds using their own bank accounts. The payment can either be transferred electronically or you can use a physical card.

This card is solely provided by Play+ and is mailed to the user in approx. ten business days. If you want to get the card, you will have to apply for it after registering an account.

Depositing on betting sites in Alabama with Play+

Depositing with Play+ is straightforward, easy, and quick. You can deposit on different online sportsbooks in AL using your PlayPlus card. For this purpose, you need to follow a few simple steps. If you have never tried it, here we are giving a brief overview:

1. Pick a betting site in Alabama that will accept Play+ as payment
2. Create an account and confirm your details.
3. Choose Play+ as a deposit option.
4. Add funds and start betting.

As is mentioned here, the process begins with finding a betting site that accepts PlayPlus as the payment method. It is worth mentioning that not all casino websites or sportsbooks will let you use this payment method. The service is made available by licensed casino websites only. So you have to find a licensed sportsbook to create an account at.

While creating an account, you should provide your correct details. Once it has been created, you have to select PlayPlus as the deposit method. At this point, you will see other deposit methods too but PlayPlus is definitely the best. Use this option and add funds to your account to begin playing a variety of games from the comfort of your home.

Withdrawing from betting sites in AL using Play+

The good news for PlayPlus users is that withdrawing money using this method is as easy and quick as depositing money. Your funds will be sent to your bank account directly. Another idea is to use a card at ATMs that support the card. You can withdraw money within minutes. Besides, your private details will not be shared, sold, or published at any cost.

Depositing requires you to follow certain steps. In the same way, withdrawal is done when you follow a few simple and easy steps. So let’s take a look at those steps to fully understand the whole process.

1. Withdraw funds from the Alabama online gambling site to your Play+ account.
2. Withdraw from Play+ directly to your bank or collect from ATM.

In the first step, you will have to choose PlayPlus as the primary withdrawal method. At this point, you will probably be offered many other withdrawal methods too. These include PayPal, Neteller, MasterCard, Visa, Skrill, Payoneer, and others.

It should be noted that the withdrawal is done in two ways. The first one is in your bank and the second one is on your card. If you have gotten a PlayPlus card, the funds will be loaded to this card.

You can go to any ATM that supports Discover to use the card. You have to remember that the fund transfer limit for a verified user is $3000 and for a VIP user is $7000. It means you cannot withdraw anything more than this limit.

Pros and cons of Play+

Like all other payment methods, PlayPlus has its own pros and cons. If you have chosen or are about to select this method as your primary banking option, you should keep its pros and cons in mind. Here are a few of them:


  1. Instant and easy deposits
  2.  Fast withdrawal services
  3.  Withdraw your money via a PlayPlus card or through your bank


  • PlayPlus charges a heavy fee for every deposit and withdrawal
  • A unique and different PlayPlus account is needed for every sportsbook you sign up to.

Play+ and Neteller comparison

Just like PlayPlus, Neteller is a reliable and trusted payment provider. It is also used by global players, including those who live in Alabama. Both of these payment methods have their own pros and cons and provide players with the best and most reliable services.

When it comes to acceptance of the two payment methods, there are alot more betting sites that accepts Neteller.

Neteller currently has 35 million users across the globe, while PlayPlus has 20 million users. Another difference between the two is that Neteller is given 4.5 stars out of 5, while PlayPlus is frequently given 4.3 stars out of 5. The number of available currencies for Neteller users is 42. On the other hand, people using PlayPlus can access this service in 28 currencies.

When you apply for a Neteller account, it is approved in two to five working days and the deposit required from a bank account or card is $5. Compared to this, when you apply for a PlayPlus account, it is approved in ten working days and the deposit required from a bank account or card is $5 to $10.


Why do people use Play+ on betting sites in AL?

A large number of people living in Alabama use PlayPlus at sportsbooks or casino sites due to its reliability. Also, it provides complete safety and promises quick and convenient payment transfers.

Do I need to show an ID to sign up for a Play+ account?

You can sign up for a PlayPlus account by logging into your casino account and visiting the Cashier Page. Here you have to click on the Add New button that is present next to the option called PlayPlus funding. You only need to provide your date of birth and social security number to complete the whole process.

How long will it take for me to withdraw from a betting site in AL to my Play+?

If you withdraw money from a betting website to your PlayPlus, it will take two to ten business days for the funds to be transferred to your bank or card.