Before and after legalizing gambling in most states in the US, most sportsbooks have been accepting American Express as a payment method. In this brief guide, we take you on a journey to discover and learn more about AMEX betting sites. We will also explore various Alabama sportsbooks that accept American Express in.

About American Express

Many businesses and individuals across the US and the world are familiar with American Express. It is the most common method of making payments across various platforms. From processing payments for individuals and to international organization business transactions through their cards.

Amex issues credit cards in its name in partnership with various banks within the US. Besides credit cards, AMEX issues prepaid cards that users can use for various purposes. Customers in the US can rely on American Express cards for security, convenience, and reliability.

American Express betting sites in Alabama

Several online betting sites in Alabama accept American Express. Some of the reasons players love AMEX is the wide range of card options and ease of use. Some of the common betting sites that accept American Express include but are not limited to BetRivers, DraftKings, PointsBet and FanDuel.

BetRivers Alabama

BetRivers Alabama is one of the betting sites that accept American Express in AL. The sportsbook is one of the best in Alabama because it offers players the best and most competitive odds. The sign-up bonus and promotions on the site are excellent. Apart from that, the number of games and events is excellent, making it easy for players to enjoy and make a profit.

FanDuel Alabama

FanDuel Alabama accepts American Express as a payment option, making depositing on the online sportsbook extremely easy. FanDuel is among the best sites with a user-friendly layout that allows easy navigation. For that reason, players can register an account with ease and in the shortest time possible. Besides that, the website is organized, making navigation seamless and easy.

DraftKings Alabama

DraftKings Alabama is another online sportsbook that accepts Amex. One of the best sportsbooks with good bonuses and promotions. Apart from bonuses, the sportsbook offers fantastic promotions including a favorite team’s promotion. It works by selecting the favorite teams and earning half a point on each sport available.

PointsBet Alabama

Deposit on PointsBet Alabama with American Express to take advantage of its fantastic layout that’s user-friendly, making navigation and browsing seamless. Players who have used the site before have ranked the website as one of the best in the industry.

How to deposit to an Alabama sportsbook using AMEX

If you wish to make your first deposit with AMEX on a sportsbook in Alabama, the process is very simple. All you have to do is follow the steps provided below:

1. Look out for a betting site that allows American Express as a payment method. You can find the best ones at this page. Register with the site and create an account. Once you are all set and your account is ready, click on the deposit options available.
2. When you get all the payment or deposit options on the sportsbook, select Amex as a deposit method and fill in your details.
3. Entering all the details marked as necessary, the player needs to enter the amount you wish to deposit. Afterward, click on submit and finish the transaction.

Pros and cons of using American Express on betting sites in AL

As with most payment methods used for sports betting, there are both pros and cons with American Expres. Read more about them all below:


  • Fast and secure. AMEX is one of the fastest methods of transacting online. Making payments to any sportsbook is fast and instant. If you are looking for a secure and fast way of making your deposits, AMEX is the best way.
  • Widely accepted. AMEX is widely accepted by vendors worldwide, so gamblers in AL have nothing to worry about. Most sportsbooks in AL accept Amex as a payment method.
  • Collect points. on your Amex every time you use it. Some cards have rewards on how frequently customers use them. AMEX is a card and payment processing company that rewards customers for using its cards. The more the customer uses the card, the more the rewards in terms of points. The customer can use these points to make purchases or redeem them for cash.
  • High deposit cap. If you are one of those gamblers that like to bet big, AMEX guarantees you the opportunity to make massive deposits. Unfortunately, the size of deposits depends on the sportsbooks and their terms and conditions.


  • Withdrawal issues. – Unfortunately, you can’t withdraw to Amex from most betting sites in Alabama. Unfortunately, using AMEX can only allow gamblers to make deposits and no withdrawals. It is one of the limitations the company is working to correct.
  • Interest. American Express acts as a credit card, so gamblers may have to pay interest. Not only that, Amex as a payment method is generally costly for most gamblers. Bettors might get charged a cash advance fee for using the AMEX cards on betting sites in Alabama.

Alternatives to using American Express when sports betting

If you for some reason don’t want to use American Express when sports betting in Alabama you can use any of the alternatives below:


Visa betting sites is among the best alternatives for gamblers when AMEX is not accepted. Using a Visa is a faster, safer, and more convenient option for betting sites. Customers making payments through Visa don’t pay anything in terms of fees. They can only pay fees when withdrawing their money at an ATM or any other place that they wish to cash out.

Prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are the best in the market now. Gamblers as of late have begun using prepaid cards to make deposits into their accounts. It is one of the best payment methods since you get to spend what you already have.


E-wallets are also highly acceptable among several sportsbooks. Some of the common E-wallets we have in AL include, but are not limited to, Skrill, PayPal, and Neteller. The majority of online sportsbooks accept them. For that reason, when other sportsbooks don’t accept AMEX, users can switch to e-wallets for convenience.


Mastercard is very similar to Visa. As a payment method commonly known to most online sportsbooks, it has attracted a lot of gamblers using it. It’s a secure method of payment and the fees charged on the cards are fair. They are not as exorbitant as other payment methods. Most sportsbooks in Alabama accepts Mastercard.


Is it better to use my Amex card or debit card on betting sites in AL?

It is better to use an Amex card or debit card on most, if not all, betting sites in AL. The reason is that they are highly accepted, secure, and fast. You can also collect points on your Amex card by spending more.

Why can’t I withdraw to my Amex card from Alabama betting sites?

The reason that you can’t withdraw your Amex card is that most legal sportsbooks in AL don’t allow you to withdraw to credit cards. You can use Amex to deposit but you will need another payment method to withdraw from an Alabama betting site.