Recent technological advancement has led to the development of mobile sports betting apps. In Alabama today, you can confidently place your bets at the comfort of your couch. Interestingly, the range of options when it comes to sports betting apps in Alabama is quite fulfilling.

Our guide here highlights the best betting apps Alabama has. Also, we will look into the process of signing up and placing bets via these sports betting applications.

Best sports betting apps in Alabama

FanDuel app Alabama Best app for beginners
BetRivers app Alabama Best app live betting
DraftKings app Alabama Best app for iOS
PointsBet app Alabama Best app for Android

Initially, betting was only done through online sports betting sites using a computer. However, as technological advancements made their way, sportsbooks started launching their own apps compatible with mobile devices. This ensured convenience to the bettors as they would place their bets from anywhere.

Nonetheless, while there are multiple Alabama betting apps, a few stand out from the crowd. Below are some of the best betting apps Alabama gamblers can use to place their bets:

PointsBet Alabama App

Thanks to its outstanding features, the Pointsbet Alabama app is quite popular in the state. Despite the sportsbook joining the Alabama market recently, it has taken the market by storm.

The app’s user interface is friendly, so navigating through the markets to find your favorite event takes a short time. For this reason, the app stands out as the best platform even for beginners.

Further, bettors get daily odds boosts, regular promotions, and referral bonuses using the app. When you successfully refer a friend to the betting app, PointsBet awards you site bonuses. Interestingly, you can rollover the referral bonuses on the app to convert them to real withdrawable money.

The app’s homepage is organized in a simple way to make it user-friendly to new and seasoned gamblers. Also, you can find various promotions and seasonal offers while you are navigating through the app.

However, it may be difficult and annoying to find secondary markets on select sports events when using the app. If your preferred event is not listed on the main page, you may have to use the dropdown menu to trace the smaller markets and events. Anyway, all things considered, Pointsbet Alabama app is an ideal mobile betting platform. You can download the app to Android and Apple devices.

DraftKings Alabama app

DraftKings has a cut above other betting apps Alabama prides in. The app is designed with a simple interface that allows its users to navigate quickly and fast through the available markets. Moreover, one can trace specific sports events on the app quicker than when searching the website.

Interestingly, the app gives you a feeling of completeness and allows you to own the moment, thanks to its sleek interface. In fact, most of the sports betting apps Alabama users have a common belief that punters enjoy more when using the app.

Registering an account and making deposits on the app is straightforward. This makes it user-friendly. In addition, DraftKings gives out a bonus for downloading and betting on mobile. Besides that, other welcome and sign-up bonuses are available to new and existing players on the app regularly.

To enjoy all these goodies, any bettor based in Alabama should download and install the app on their gaming device. The best part is that it’s available for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

FanDuel Alabama app

The FanDuel Alabama app offers numerous unbeatable bonuses and regular promotions. Essentially, whether you are a novice or experienced gambler, this bookie has a promotional offer for you. With these, bettors can try their hand in the site before investing real money.

The FanDuel’s betting app interface is neat and clean, allowing new and experienced players to find their favorite betting events with ease. Also, the app’s design is sleek with graphical elements that make the gaming experience livelier.

Further, the app is on par with the FanDuel brand. It features a premier mobile functionality that makes it stand out and powers its stability. You can conveniently access the app from the Apple store or Google Play store on Android devices.

BetRivers Alabama app

BetRivers has an incredible sports betting app in Alabama that makes it stand out tall from the rest. If you are tired of placing bets on the desktop version, then BetRivers app is the right choice for you. The app rolled out recently, but its unbeatable features have made it a selection for many.

Thanks to its simple navigation interface, you can find your preferred sports events quickly and hassle-free. This affords new users peace of mind as they do not have to struggle with complicated systems.

The app features a whole load of exciting casino and sports games lined up in a sleek homepage. When you sign up through the app, you get various bonuses that you can claim from your Android or Apple device.

Right now, sports betting apps are not legal in the state of Alabama. In November 2022, the Alabama senate passed a constitutional amendment that pushed to have sports betting legalized in the state.

This gives hope to gamblers that things may change for the better soon. It is projected that by the end of 2022, Alabama will have put in place legal sports betting within its state lines.

What is the process of signing up for a betting app in Alabama?

If you wish to start placing bets on an Alabama online gambling apps, the first step would be identifying your favorite operator. Once you have made your selection, follow the steps below to sign up for an account using the app:

1. Download the app on your Android or Apple device

Most betting apps in Alabama are available for Android and Apple devices. The downloading process might be slightly varied from one device to another, but should work perfectly for everyone.

Depending on your bookmaker, you may need to download the app from their official desktop website. However, some bookmakers have the app on Google Play and Apple app store where you can download it from. But before the download begins, you need to ensure that your mobile device has a strong internet connection.

After downloading the app, the next step is to install it on your device. Some sportsbooks may require you to install geolocation software to track your current location.

2. Fill out your details

Now that you have the sports betting app on your phone, you would want to fill in your sign-up details. Ancient registration processes required you to fill in piles of forms in person at the sportsbook offices for a simple sign-up. The procedure was lengthy and time-consuming.

In modern Alabama betting apps, all you need to do is feed in information on the app’s interface. The information required constitutes:

  • Official names
  • Age
  • Social security number
  • Email address

Besides, most sports betting apps in Alabama take pride in guaranteeing the safety of your personal information.

3. Verify your identity if required

After submitting your personal information on the app, the betting site may want to confirm your identity. This process mainly takes place before the bookie registers the account under your name. This helps in preventing possible scams.

The most common way for identity verification in Alabama is by activating the link sent to your mail address. But verification methods vary from one app to the other.

4. Deposit funds

After successfully opening an account, the next step is funding it to start wagering. Interestingly, popular sportsbooks in Alabama offer a variety of deposit methods. These include credit cards, debit cards and electronic money transfers.

Most importantly, you should research the available deposit methods and choose one that best suits you. And once the sportsbook confirms the deposit, you can now claim any available bonuses and welcome offers. With that, you are ready to explore the available betting markets and bet on your favorite events.

What kind of bonuses do sports betting apps in Alabama offer?

Once you register an account in most sportsbooks apps, you are eligible for some sort of welcome bonus. The most common sports betting bonuses Alabama apps offers include:

  • Refer-a-friend bonus. Various betting apps in Alabama take pride in offering referral bonuses to their existing customers. When a gambler, who has an existing account with the sportsbook, refers a friend to the site, they get a token of appreciation. However, it’s important to read and understand the referral bonus terms and conditions.
  • Sign up bonus. A sign-up bonus is available to new players who register an account on a betting site. Most Alabama betting apps will reward you with sign-up bonuses of up to $3000 when you make your first deposit.
  • Free bet bonus. Sports betting app bonuses in Alabama vary from one site to another. Some apps will offer you a free bet bonus if you lose your first bet. However, if the bet wins, you may never consider the bonus offer.
  • Cashback bonus. Reputable Alabama betting apps offer a risk-free bonus bet upon registration. When you lose your initial bet, the app awards you an onsite refund which you can use to place another bet.
  • Matching bet bonus. Alabama betting apps offer matching bet bonuses to their players on select sporting events on a regular basis. The bookie simply matches your deposit by a certain percentage, then deposits the bonus in your account.

Mobile app vs betting website comparison

Mobile app betting enables you to place a quick bet from the comfort of your phone. The only downside of betting directly from your phone is that the screen is smaller and that your connection might not always be stable.

When wagering on a sports betting website using your laptop you can enjoy having a bigger screen and in most cases a much more stable connection. Essentially, the choice depends on your preference. Most people prefer mobile app betting in as they perceive it more convenient.


Can I legally download a betting app in Alabama?

At this moment there are no legal betting apps to download in Alabama. This might change in the future if the state decides to allow online sports betting.

Do all sports betting websites have an app in Alabama?

Most reputable online sports betting sites in Alabama can be accessed through apps. However, you should check to confirm that your preferred sportsbook has one that matches the type of device you have (Android or iOS).

What sports can I bet on using an Alabama sports betting app?

All sports betting apps in Alabama offers the same number of betting markets as their web-based version. The most popular sports to bet on in Alabama includes: Ice hockey, football, basketball, baseball and horse racing.